Cafe Marina and Woodley's Bar
"The Finest in Local Seafood"
Cafe Marina - Patio Dining

Specialty Drinks

Woodley's Margarita
A double shot of Tequila blended with our special mix of lemon & lime. Also available in Strawberry, Banana or Coconut.

Peach Mimosa
A refreshingly sweet twist on a classic, combining Peach Schnapps and Champagne.

Bloody Mary
A perfect combination of Vodka and vegetable juice mixed with ur own blend of spices. Available mild or spicy.

Bay Breeze
A blend of pineapple and cranberry juice with Vodka.

Woodley Island Iced Tea
Everyone's favorite, made with Gin, Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, cola and lemon & lime mix.

Tequila Sunrise
A popular tropical mix of Tequila with orange juice and grenadine.


Pineapple Freeze

A blend of coconut, cream and pineapple juice.

Strawberry Freeze
A refreshing blend of strawberries with lemon & lime mix.

Marina Sunrise
A fruity blend of cranberry and orange juice.


Our address

601 Startare Dr.
Eureka, CA

Phone: 707-443-2233

7 am to 9 pm every day